Blackburn Fork of the Warrior River, AL

Last Reading: -0.01 ft at 2019-12-08 11:13 PM CST

Gauge Information

Gauge Site: HWY 15 Takeout Bridge near Locust Fork, AL.

Correlation: It appears that this gauge will correlate fairly linearly with the legacy visual gauge at the put in; however we do not have enough data points yet to establish a correlation.

The level thresholds (Low, Good, and High) for this gauge are currently estimates. We need your help to dial these in! After getting a visual or making a run please contact us (website or Facebook Messenger) and provide some feedback. Be sure to include the time, date, and a description of how the run feels at that level. Visuals for the legacy visual gauge at the put in bridge will also help us dial in correlation.

River Beta: Blackburn - Provided by alabamawhitewater.com

The whitewater section of Blackburn is downstream of Inland Lake, a Birmingham Water Works reservoir. This reservoir is drawn down in the summer and fall and it typically fills back up in late fall or early winter. When the lake is not spilling, the whitewater section of Blackburn has a very limited watershed and it will not run consistently. Generally, once the lake level reaches 100% and starts spilling, this section will respond predictably to rain events and run more consistently for the rest of the season.

See the Current Inland Lake Level here.

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Disclaimer: Data from StreamBeam river gauges is provided in real time and without review for accuracy. River levels posted on this page are provisional and should be used for reference only. The color coded thresholds for perceived river feel at varying levels are best guesses and are not guaranteed to be accurate or representative for every paddler. Whitewater is inherently dangerous! Information gathered from this site is no substitute for experience and good judgment. Always verify the river conditions first hand and understand the risks before putting on any river.