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Our purpose and goals at StreamBeam.

Remote Monitoring

Our goal is to put monitoring stations in remote stream locations that are left off the USGS and other agencies priority list.

Community Partner

We aim to partner with and work for the community to reach as many streams as possible. StreamBeam is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Open Data

We gather, maintain, and present valuable stream data as an open resource for the community.


What we've been up to.

Blackburn Fork, AL

River Gauge

Short Creek, AL

River Gauge

Mulberry Fork, AL

River Gauge

StreamBeam Data

Cloud service


What's the story?

  • pre 2018

    A Wild Idea

    Two guys (Brian and Gaylon) independantly decided to forego sleep and sanity to take on the project of creating a self sufficient autonomous river gauge.

  • Early 2018

    Gauges Deployed

    The time had come to set them free. Brian took the leap and deployed a gauge to the Mulberry Fork. The following month Gaylon jumped out and deployed a gauge to Short Creek. It felt like sending your kid off to school by themselves!

  • Spring 2018

    An Agency Is Born

    Both developers decided, hey were doing the same thing maybe we should work together. The idea for an NPO was conceived to focus on continuing the effort and tackle new projects.
    Stream Beam is born!

  • Summer 2018

    Phase Two Expansion

    The NPO is finalized and Stream Beam is official! New streams are targeted for remote monitoring!

The Team

Who's making this happen behind the scenes...

Brian Bartlett

Board Member

Gaylon Partain

Board Member

Brad Huie

Board Member

This small team has taken on implementing the mission and vision of Stream Beam by conceptualizing the idea, building the gauges, standing up the infrastructure, and bringing it to the community. Its a lot... but hey somebody has to do it!

Contact Us

Want to contribute? Have a stream that needs remote monitoring? Let us know below.