Short Creek near Hustleville Road

Last Reading: 21.85 ft at 2024-06-14 07:25 PM CST

Gauge Information

Gauge Site: The gauge sensor is located on the river left bank just downstream of Martling Rd Bridge. A visual staff gauge (paired with the sensor) is mounted to a rock on river left just upstream of Martling Rd bridge.

Correlation: The correlation chart in the link below defines the relationship between the StreamBeam gauge and the legacy HWY 75 put in visual gauge.

Correlation to Highway 75 Visual Gauge

The trend line on the correlation chart and its equation at the top of the chart can be used to estimate a visual gauge reading (y-axis) based on a given StreamGauge reading (x-axis). To solve mathematically, use a given StreamBeam gauge reading (in ft) as & "X"; to solve for the estimated painted gauge value (in inches). When the correlation chart is updated with new readings, the trend line and its equation updates automatically.

The datum for this gauge was shifted by .47ft on 1/6/22 to account for a discrepancy between the sensor readings and the new visual staff gauge. A 1ft reading on the sensor prior to 1/6 is equivalent to a .53ft now.

We are always looking for visuals to add more data to this correlation. After getting a visual or making a run please contact us (website or Facebook Messenger) and provide some feedback. Be sure to include the time and date in addition to the visual gauge reading. If you made a run please describe how the run feels at that level, so we can dial in the color changing Low, Good, and High thresholds on the graph.

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Disclaimer: Data from StreamBeam river gauges is provided in real time and without review for accuracy. River levels posted on this page are provisional and should be used for reference only. The color coded thresholds for perceived river feel at varying levels are best guesses and are not guaranteed to be accurate or representative for every paddler. Whitewater is inherently dangerous! Information gathered from this site is no substitute for experience and good judgment. Always verify the river conditions first hand and understand the risks before putting on any river.